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7.2.0 Release Notes

Improved resource management and more enhancements

The new version of the project management software with many new features and improvements was released today.

Project Management

  • Duration can now be specified down to hours and minutes
  • Working hours can now be specified with start and end in the personal calendar
  • There is now a simplified calculation model for resource utilization based on duration
  • The resource management has been improved and shows possible overloads more clearly


  • There are now Internal Comments that are invisible to guest users
  • New attribute type "Radio Button
  • Fix for log4j vulnerability
  • Support for LDAP with TLS and SSL
  • Improved flexible reminder notifications support more date fields
  • Recurring items can be hidden by filters
  • Range and release filters show all open or all tasks as default
  • Custom lists can be imported from Excel files
  • Improved selection of e-mail recipients when sending notifications from items
  • New attribute type for aggregated integers in hierarchy
  • Print function to PDF of Gantt charts on new technological basis

There are also numerous minor improvements and bug fixes.

We are grateful for feedback!

When upgrading from the previous version 7.0 or 7.1 you do not need a new license key.


7.1.0 Release Notes

Numerous new Features and Improvements

This new release of project management software comes with:

New features:

  • Slack integration
  • Filter on organizational units (departments)
  • Importing and exporting users from Excel sheets
  • Expanded, much more detailed system roles permission schemes
  • Customizable user password rules


  • Two factor authentication now supports e-mail as second factor
  • Gantt chart permits to protect items against accidental move
  • Date fields can be protected against editing
  • REST API tokens
  • More flexible notification engine
  • View layouts can now also be workspace specific
  • WBS for linked item

When upgrading from the previous version 7.0 you do not need a new license key.